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Welcome to the Largest Registered Oberhasli

Farm in


Here at BDreamy we strive to bring the best Oberhasli stock to Alaska,

this has been a large endenver that has been hard work to make

BDreamy a reality.

We started out with a small herd of dairy grade does that we had just for milk.

 My interest in the Oberhasli continued to grow, as time passed I started looking in Alaska for this amazing              breed. Finding over and over that we did not have a available stock anywhere (outside of a Buck and Doe in Alaska that was a single blood line that we had to ship) that was registered.

 This is when I sat down with my amazing husband and started talking about bringing a diverse bloodlines

to the Mat-Su Area.

We wanted to be able to have this amazing breed and also be able to bring them larger into Alaska.

Yes anyone can bring in a kid from the lower 48 states but that is very expensive with price and shipping for only one kid. 

That is when we started praying and was able to put into motion bringing the 
Largest Registered Oberhasli Herd
here in Alaska.   

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2020 KIDDING IS almost HERE!!!

please see our for

sale page for up and coming kids

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