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  • I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason at any time without explanation.

  • I reserve the right to retain any goat.

  • I will not sell a single goat if it will not be housed with at least one other goat.

  • Please Do not show up unannounced and expected to walk away with a goat. Visits are by appointment only.

  • I don’t always have goats available. If a goat is not listed for sale or I have not told you directly it is for sale, I am sorry it is not

  • for sale.

  • Goats come with registration unless otherwise noted.

  • All goats sold are disbudded and tattooed. I will not withhold tattooing for a buyer.

    • If you would like your goat have horns 

      • Goat must be paid in full before a week old​

  • I am happy to pull any test (CAE, Johnes, CL, etc) prior to sale at the buyer’s expense.

  • I will not sell any dam raised kids until they are weaning age (minimum 3 months old for doelings and 2 months old for bucklings). I will not pull a buckling and bottle feed for a buyer. Bucklings are only bottle fed out of necessity, as I believe that dam raising is the best option for bucks whenever possible.

  • Bucklings not sold by 2 months of age are usually wethered. I follow the same requirements for keeping a buck kid intact,
    past 2 months old as I do for holding a goat: see below under “regarding reservations.”

  • I am always happy to answer any questions a buyer has, before or after they purchase a goat(s). Don’t hesitate to ask!


  • All deposits are nonrefundable unless I back out of the sale. See below for details.

  • Rather than taking a deposit on unborn kids, I maintain a waiting list and notify those on it in chronological order. If the kid requested is born and will be available, the first person on the list will have seven business days to send the deposit to reserve it or it will be listed for sale or go to the next person on the waiting list.

  • All Bucklings out of first fresheners are wethered. I will not take a reservation for a buckling from a FF.

  • Goats are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Goats will not be held without a deposit. If I am contacted at the same time by more than one potential buyer, the first deposit received will be honored.

  • A deposit of $100 per goat will hold the buyer’s chosen goat(s) for 14 days after deposit, or 14 days after the kid reaches weaning age for young stock, unless other arrangements have been made prior to the deposit. After 14 days, a $5/day boarding fee will be applied to the sale price.

  • If a deposit has been made but the buyer is unresponsive to attempted contacts for a period of one week after pickup was due, fails to submit final payment(s), fails to pick up the reserved goat(s) within thirty 30 days, and/or otherwise fails to meet the criteria agreed upon for the sale, the sale is terminated and payments will not be refunded.


  • All deposits/payments are nonrefundable unless I back out of the sale.

  • I will accept Paypal, cash, money order, or check. If the buyer mails a deposit, he/she must send a check or money order. I am not responsible for cash sent through the mail. Payments must clear prior to the final sale. If final payment is to be made at pick up, the buyer must pay in cash.

  • Payments will be refunded in full if the sale is cancelled by the seller. Otherwise payments are not refundable.

  • Prices are firm.

  • I offer a $25 rebate for any goats I sell (with my herd name) that earn a milk star or permanent show title. This only applies to goats purchased directly from me who do not already have a star or title and carry my herd name (BDreamy). You must provide proof of their award within 6 months to receive the rebate. (This does not apply to * milk awards inherited by bucks.)

  • All additional expenses, including registration fees, transfer fees, delivery fees, health certificates, additional requested disease testing, and etc are not included in the price of the animal(s) and will be the buyers responsibility. Only the animal(s) itself is included in the sale price.

  • The buyer can cancel a sale at any time. However, payment is not refundable. Any deposits made may be applied toward a future purchase at the agreement of both the seller and the buyer.


  • Shipping by air is available, and arrangements can often be made to meet a buyer half way or deliver for an additional fee to cover travel costs. These types of arrangements depend upon circumstance and distance, and are only honored as part of the sale if an agreement is made prior to deposit. Otherwise all goats must be picked up at the farm.

  • The buyer is responsible for the cost of transporting their purchased goat(s) and for the cost of any necessary health certificates or other supplies such as shipping crates.

  • Note that shipping by air can be expensive depending on the weight of the goat and size of the required kennel. All goats shipped by air must be cleared for travel by a veterinarian at the buyer’s expense. We ship via Delta airlines out of the Ted Steven International Airport or for in the state of Alaska by Ace Cargo.
    Information regarding shipping and estimated costs for tickets is available on their website.

  • Goats who are being transported must be paid for in full before leaving the farm.

  • Although I do not anticipate any issues, I am not responsible for injury or death of a goat during transport.


  • Buyers must sign two copies of a bill of sale (one for the buyer and one for the seller) upon final payment or pick up.

  • No goat will leave my possession until payment is received in full, registration is complete and transfer papers are signed, and the bills of sale have been signed.

  • All goats are healthy when I sell them and up to date on hoof trimming, deworming, and mineral supplements. However, I cannot guarantee the health of an animal after it leaves my possession. There are a million different ways a goat could be exposed to illness or injured after leaving my property.

  • If a veterinarian determines that the goat is incapable of reproducing due to a genetic defect present at birth
    (such as hermaphroditism), the buyer is eligible to receive a replacement goat of equal value. The buyer must submit a signed copy of the veterinary report. Due to the fact that infertility can be caused by environmental factors such as mineral deficiency or obesity, only a goat with a proven genetic default will be eligible for replacement. (For the record, defects like hermaphroditism are extremely rare.
    Usually infertility is due to things like obesity, mineral deficiency, etc.


  • In case of illness or injury to the goat prior to pick up, the sale will be postponed or cancelled at my discretion. The buyer can choose to cancel the sale under these circumstances and will receive a refund, or can transfer any payments to another purchase at the agreement of both the buyer and seller. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE PLEASE CONTACT ME

  • All sales are final once the goat(s) has left my property.


  • The seller does not make any guarantees or warranties, express or implied, on the goat(s) sold other than those explicitly listed in the terms of sale. The seller is not responsible for the health or well being of the goat(s) after it has entered the buyer’s possession. The goat(s) is healthy at the time of sale, but the seller cannot guarantee the health of the goat after it has left the seller’s possession.

  • All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted and no refunds will be issued.

  • If this goat(s) goes on to be awarded a milking award or permanent show title, the buyer has six months to contact the seller with proof of the award to receive a $25 rebate. This does not apply to milk awards inherited by bucks. (*Only included on the sale of animals with my herd name (BDreamy) that do not already have a title or award.)

  • If a licensed veterinarian determines that the goat(s) is incapable of reproducing due to a genetic defect present at birth 
    (such as hermaphroditism), the buyer is eligible to receive a replacement goat of equal value. The buyer must submit a signed copy of the veterinary report. Due to the fact that infertility can be caused by environmental factors such as mineral deficiency or obesity, only a goat with a proven genetic default will be eligible for replacement.

  • The bill of sale will also include both the buyer and sellers contact information, the name(s) of the goat(s) sold, and an itemized list of payments due, deposits received, and balance to be paid in full at the time of the final sale. It will also include any other terms agreed upon in advance by both parties, and in the case of shipping it will include shipping terms and itemized fees as well.

   All sales are bound by these terms. Failure of a buyer to thoroughly read or understand these terms is not grounds for exemption     from the terms. These terms and other sale procedures are publicly listed and freely available on the seller’s website, at the time of     sale, and by request.

   - BDreamy Farms