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Goat Share program

 With so many desiring Raw Goats milk and with little availability we decided to bridge that gap...

So what is a goat share?

First let me say..selling or buying raw milk in the state of Alaska is illegal, however one may drink the milk of an animal he or she owns or has partnership in...

Simply put, a goat share is part ownership in a goat which entitles you to a certain percentage of milk. You purchase a share in a goat along with others and in that ownership you may legally receive milk from your goat share.

So How does this work?

You purchase a "share" in our goat herd. For each "Share" you're entitled to one half gallon of milk(two quarts) weekly. If you need more than a half gallon a week, you purchase another Share..and so on...Now once you own your goat must board your goat...We at BDreamy will provide boarding and care for your share of the goat...we will feed, groom, treat injuries and illnesses, milk and needs of each goat might be...the boarding fee is to be paid monthly prior to milk pick up. 

 "The Buyer shall be entitled to receive on a weekly basis a proportional share of the milk produced by the Herd so long as Buyer is not delinquent in Buyer's payment of monthly Boarding fees. The amount of milk to be received by Buyer shall be determined by multiplying Buyer's interest in the herd by the amount of milk"

 "It is agreed and understood by Buyer that Buyer's interest in the Herd is a limited interest shared with others of co-ownership in the Herd and that the interest purchased by Buyer does not convey or vest in Buyer sole ownership of the Herd or of any particular Goat in the Herd. It is further agreed and understood that the specific Goats in the Herd may change over time as Goats die or as Seller adds to or deletes from the Herd in his sole and absolute discretion; however, Seller shall not be obligated to add to the Herd to replace a Goat that dies, but may do so at Sellers discretion"

Keep in mind the natural Lactation of most goats is ten months...however if milk is still flowing and boarding fees are paid you can continue to receive your milk.

What does it cost to get started?

A purchase rate of  $45 per share and your first boarder fee of either $40 a share....Your Share is good until you cancel your contract or no longer pay your boarding fees at which time we have the right to cancel your refund is offered..

How is the milk handled, is it safe?

We do not pasteurize our milk...and there is always risk in consuming any raw food, and this risk is yours and we at Happy Bleats Dairy Goats shall not be held responsible for illness perceived to be from drinking our raw milk....we do however practice clean milking..

Our milk room is kept as clean as possible...we disinfect every surface. All milk and feed spillage as well as goat berries are quickly cleaned...each goat gets a cleaned udder to remove dirt, hay and any bacteria that might be lingering on her udder and teats...our hands are washed and dried between milking each girl which is done by hand at this time..We milk each goat into a clean is checked for blood and any signs of illness...we then pour it through a filtering system. Into A clean glass jar with tight fitting lid....The jar of milk is then placed into an ice bath for a quick cool, then placed in the freezer for an additional hour..Filtering the milk right after milking insures fresh tasting milk....cooling it quickly is another way to prevent off tasting milk.

We take every precaution to provide fresh, clean, sweet milk..and by packaging our milk in clean, disinfected glass jars with tight fitting lids we avoid the event of unsanitary cleaning of plastic...however..if ever you receive milk with an off flavor...let us know right a way...we will look into the matter and happily replace your milk.

So here it is in a nut shell: you buy a goat share for $45. Each share entitles you to one half gallon of pay BDreamy Dairy Goats boarding fee per share per month for the upkeep and care and milking of your goat. This is to be paid monthly or bi monthly. You pick up your milk weekly as long as your boarding fee is paid to date..Your boarding fee is due whether you pick up your milk or not. Remember your goat still needs to be fed, groomed, milked and so forth. You have no ownership in any kid say in selling or buying also understand that by consuming raw goats milk there are risks and those risks are yours to take...and you will not hold BDreamy Dairy Goats accountable...       

What if I want to continue my share into the next milking season?

Your purchased share is yours until you cancel your contract...No seasonal renewal is necessary

What if I no longer need my Share?

If you no longer need your share you simply let us know in writing with a two weeks notice...and your boarding fees will be cancelled. There are no refunds on your share...

So Where do I sign up?

Simply contact us and you will receive everything you just read here..and the small contract style form nothing fancy, just an understanding...sign it..and return it to us with payment and you will be a new goat share owner..Although we prefer you visit our ranch and see your investment,  we can do this by

mail/or email if you choose.



Wasilla, Alaska 99623        907-885-5962 

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